MADHURI- Studio Director

Molly is founding director of Yoga108 and an advanced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), meditator, and writer. Finding yoga as a teenager, and inspired by its profound effects, Molly has spent the past 14 years studying and sharing the practice wherever needed- studios, gyms, corporations, high schools, shelters, and also one-on-one. Over the years, she’s mentored many new yoga teachers through teacher trainings and apprenticeships. Molly received a degree in Dance Performance from the University of California, Irvine, where she studied the body and movement extensively, mentored by visionary choreographers Donald McKayle and Loretta Livingston. Subsequently, she completed 500 hours of training at NYC’s Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, where she also taught for 5 years. Further study has included trainings with Balance Integration, Lineage Project, RISE Yoga For Youth, master yoga teachers Yogi Charu and Raghunath, as well as several trips to India. In 2014, Molly relocated from NYC to Long Beach, California, to live in an ashram for 2 years and intensely study yoga philosophy. In 2016, she took formal initiation into her spiritual path and received the name “Madhuri.” Shortly after, Molly and Theresa were inspired to open Yoga108, where Molly teaches regular classes, leads teacher trainings, workshops, and yearly trips to India. Molly is a perpetual student of the bhakti yoga tradition and her beloved teachers.


THERESA- Founding Director + Head Teacher

Theresa Ballou is an experienced registered yoga teacher (ERYT 200). Her journey began in 2010, after a stressful divorce, and she turned to fitness and yoga for help. Within a short time she completely transformed her life, as unhealthy habits gave way to vegetarianism, strength, clarity of mind and inner peace. Inspired by her own positive change, she took a teacher training so she could give the touchstone effect of yoga to others.  


Quickly, she became a well-known and well-loved instructor in Long Beach, teaching packed classes at Yogalution Movement, Monster Yoga, Purple Yoga and Golds Gym. Her challenging, strong style, balanced with a flowing, dance-like quality, captured the hearts of her students, and she developed quite a following of regulars who would come back for every class. She is also known for her sold out handstand and arm balance workshops she’s led all over Southern California and the east coast as well.  Theresa now shares her fun-filled, light-hearted classes at Yoga108, the studio she opened with Molly, where the two also lead workshops, retreats, pilgrimages and teacher trainings.


After 10yrs of teaching yoga Theresa has now added group training, and personal training to her repertoire, making her a power house teacher.  Theresa also personally trains with professional athletes, which quickly gave her a leg up in the fitness realm. 


Fitness is a huge passion for her and she’s made it her goal to show everyone that they can make these lasting changes as well.  She leads by example, training daily and doing her own personal yoga practice.  She’s an inspiration to moms all over showing you can go from 165lbs (as a pregnant mommy), down to 110lbs of lean muscle.  It can be done!   

Theresa can cater your PT based on your goals and needs, help with diet, and modify based on injuries or limitations. Her upbeat personality will have you motivated to start and power through your health goals. Lets get moving!

AMRITA- Senior Teacher & Manager


Amrita (aka Amber Ray) is a yoga Teacher, professional belly dancer and instructor, Bhakti yogi, mother, early childhood educator, and children's yoga and wellness teacher. She has dedicated much of her life to her art forms, passions, and studies of yoga and belly dance.  Amrita has been studying yoga asana for nearly 20 years, yoga philosophy for 9 years, and the ancient art of belly dance for 16 years. She is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga 108 in Long Beach, completing their 200-hour YTT program. She is also a certified kids yoga teacher through Rainbow Kids yoga training.  Amrita's extensive dance training includes certifications through the 8 Elements of Belly Dance program, where she has completed 2 phases of study and training in belly dance and yoga at Studio Datura in Portland, Oregon, as well as training with some of the top Belly Dancers in the world.

Amrita is a Bhakti Yogi, and in July of 2019 took formal initiation into the Krishna Bhakti lineage, receiving the name Amrita Gaurangi Devi Dasi. She strives to live the lifestyle of an aspiring Krishna Devotee, engaging in daily Sadhana and studies of ancient Vedic texts under her beloved teachers Tukaram Das Prabhu and Radhanath Swami. Amrita is passionate about guiding people to cultivate balance and peace in their lives. Experiencing firsthand how transformative yoga is, she is dedicated to spreading this ancient tradition to transform people's lives, so that they may discover the gift of healing and harmonizing of body mind and spirit that yoga provides. 

KIRSTEN- Senior Teacher


Kirsten is honored to be teaching after having completed the very first teacher training at yoga108 in 2017.
Before becoming a teacher, she practiced consistently for 10 years but was most drawn to Bhakti yoga.
In her classes one would almost be guaranteed to find a focus on core, strength, correct postures, humility and humor. Leaving the ego outside of the class, students can grow stronger, mentally and physically, while utilizing grounding and mindfulness techniques both in vinyasa and yin classes.
Kirsten strives to help not only her self but others learn to practice the eight limbs of yoga on and off the mat.


REIKA- Senior Teacher

Reika is a global citizen. She was born in Nepal but grew up in Japan and the USA. She has a master's degree in Sociology from The University of Cape Town, in South Africa, and that is where she first developed her love for Yoga. Since then she has practiced yoga while traveling, living, and working all over the world. She has experienced various yoga styles and disciplines and also engaged in lengthy meditation training; seeking to harmonize both her mind and body. She trained as a 500-hour-certified yoga instructor through Yogaworks LA, but she is always a student first, she loves to take Continuing Education to deepen her knowledge in yoga. She not only can teach advanced level vinyasa flow classes but she loves to teach chair yoga for seniors and stroke survivors. She is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher. She strives to create a welcoming and non-judgemental space for her students no matter their level of experience, background, or physical abilities.



My name is Kristy. I am an upbeat personal trainer and nutritionist certified through the National Institute of Sports and Medicine. Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science from CSULA with volunteer experiences in nutrition education and obesity prevention. Capable of assessing needs and creating appropriate action plans for different types of individuals. I use a combination of strength training, mobility exercises, and HIIT-style cardio. I believe that life modification is the first step towards helping individuals progress and reach fitness goals.



As a first Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, I've always been a practitioner of functional movement with intention. While my classes place an emphasis on pranayama, you still get a workout for the body as well as the mind. I like to focus on the breath to movement relationship and controlled transitional variety, with the goal in mind of setting physical habits to fully allow yourself to heal, at the same time improving strength and mobility.





Taina Rodriguez-Berardi (she/hers) is a scholar-practitioner of yoga’s history, philosophy, traditions, and Sanskrit texts. She is a Master’s candidate in the Graduate Yoga Studies program at Loyola Marymount University where her research focuses on the culture and customs of modern transnational yoga as well as their intersections with transformative justice movements and activist communities. As a yoga teacher (E-RYT 200, YACEP), Taina integrates embodiment practices, movement therapeutics, modern health science, and trauma-informed wellness to create accessible yoga classes for people of all ages, sizes, shapes, abilities, and backgrounds. Taina truly believes that yoga can be beneficial for everyone and endeavors to create a holistic experience that engages the entire mind/body/spirit complex for all of her students.

Taina lives with her husband and two cats, Milo and Eva, in Long Beach, CA where they enjoy the beaches, backcountry nature spaces, riding bikes, and traveling the world. To connect with Taina, please visit



Hi, I'm Kelly! I’m a 500 hour yoga teacher (and lifelong student), born and raised right here in Long Beach. I’m passionate about creating a welcoming environment and well rounded experience for folks where they feel welcomed. You can expect a rhythmic and dynamic yoga vinyasa flow through intentional sequencing and music. On top of that, we’ll sync the mind and body up with conscious breath awareness to leave you feeling grounded.

After taking my first vinyasa flow class at Laughing Lotus SF, I was hooked. The ebb-and-flow of the poses, connected with the breath gave me a new perspective on what it means to be present. Yoga continues to challenge me each day as I search for more balance in my life, and find ways to contribute to the well being of our community in an authentic way. It has opened and softened my heart.

I’m a partner, parent, daughter, sister, feminist, friend, confidant, lover, giver, listener and strong woman. I love finding new music to groove to, the smell of the ocean and taking weekend trips to quiet places.

This year, my aim is to find more quiet through meditation, yin and restorative yoga.



In 1996, 50 pounds heavier than she is today, Jax nervously walked into her first yoga class receiving a warm welcome and the instruction/guidance to safely and powerfully navigate the mat. For the next 24 years, Jax continued as an on-again, off-again yogi.

In 2014, Jax launched her group exercise instructor path teaching indoor cycling and then in 2018 began teaching the Crunch proprietary yoga body sculpt class. It was in the teaching of yoga body sculpt classes she learned from her students that they were getting so much more than “just a good workout.” Insomniacs were sleeping better. Nervous people were feeling calmer. Back issues were easing up. This piqued her interest to become a “legitimate” yoga instructor.

She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, graduating with the spring 2020 class at Yoga108.

Jax's goal as an instructor/guide is to remove the myths, fears and assumptions about yoga and to empower people to thrive on and off the mat in their life-long yoga journey.



Jenny has been practicing yoga since 2015 and recently completed 200hrs of training at Yoga108. She is a passionate student and is currently studying energy healing and Tantra, doing 650hrs of training with Layla Martin. She received a Masters in Social Work Degree and Bachelors of Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.

Jenny believes we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves from a place of radical love, through utilizing sacred energy practices and tools such as yoga, movement, meditation, and breathwork.  She is passionate about working with the Earth elements and cycle of the moon and weaves this into her teaching.

She is excited & honored to be a part of the YOGA108 team!



Brittany is a Colorado native who has been growing her roots in Long Beach for the last three years. Brittany found yoga in 2015 when she started cleaning a studio in exchange for a membership. What started out as a physical practice grew over time into a deep spiritual journey. Yoga helped Brittany find inner healing, confidence and herself. 


Her spiritual journey has led her to finding her purpose which is healing others through the power practice of yoga. She recently completed her 200 YTT at Yoga108 and is currently working with a team of women as a Retreat Facilitator learning how to organize and host transformation retreats in the jungles of Costa Rica. Her vision is to own a holistic wellness center in Costa Rica where she can host retreats and create a safe space where others can find their awakening.



Two decades ago, Tara R. Miller, MS RD CDN, like many former dancers, steered clear of the then emerging NYC yoga scene since she was certain that she didn’t need instruction on how to “stretch”.  Luckily, that changed when she agreed to attend a class taught by a work friend and a small but formidable seed was planted. Although an avid student of Capoeira, kickboxing and cycling, Tara later found that adding yoga classes to her rotation lended strength and agility to her favorite activities.  But it was the daily effects she noticed off her mat-more patience, mental clarity and groundedness, despite the bustling New York City life that surrounded her- that convinced her that yoga needed to be integral part of her life.


Today, Tara is a Registered Dietitian specializing in the creation, implementation and management of corporate wellness programs. A Graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, she spent two years in Morocco as a Peace Corps volunteer, specializing in community health disease management and nutrition. She completed her nutrition accreditation while earning her master’s degree at New York’s Stony Brook University, in Health Care Management and Technology.  She loves sailing, refurbishing anything vintage, and opportunities to be wrong because that’s how we become who we really want to be.